Should LeBron James Wear 6 or 23 in Cleveland?

LeBron James is still debating what jersey number he will wear in Cleveland, and learning from the blowback he receives from every decision, he’s soliciting fans to help him out to soften the experience.

Each number presents its own pros and cons.

Twenty-three was his number all through high school and during his first stint with the Cavaliers. It is, for lack of a better word, his home. But it is also the past.

Six has championships. But those championships came in Miami.

Six would sell more jerseys. Twenty-three would reward Cavs fans who showed wonderful restraint in not burning James’ jersey.

The important thing here is that James is making people think he values their opinions. Meanwhile, you and I know he is just going to do whatever he wants.

My vote?

23, baby.

[via King James]