This Psychedelic LED Water Slide Is The Coolest Water Park Ride You’ll Ever See

black hole water slide germany

YouTube - tuberides1

Oh, man. I SO want to go on this water slide. Unfortunately it’s in Germany. Dammit, Germany.

This water slide in Bremerhaven, Germany at the Bad 1 Water Park uses LED lights to make it appear like you’ve slipped into some kind of black hole or are tripping on acid and it’s so freaking cool.

According to the YouTube description

This is the colorful Black Hole water slide at the indoor leisure pool “Bad 1” in Bremerhaven at the German coast. In 2012, the old tunnel slide was replaced by this modern tube slide while maintaining the old layout. The new slide is equipped with various light effects, e.g. RGB daylight rings, unique in northern Germany.

Did you get that? “unique in northern Germany…” Someone’s GOT to do this in the United States now. It’s a matter of national pride, people. We need this!

H/T Sploid

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