Lena Dunham Apologizes For Saying That She Wishes She Got An Abortion But The Internet Wasn’t Having It

You guys got your Christmas lists signed, sealed, and delivered? Ya, me too. This is what mine looks like:

1.) A Samurai sword signed by none other than American Idol’s Randy Jackson
2.) A dimebag of that North Pole Kush
3.) An umbrella that doesn’t flip inside out every time a fucking light breeze rolls through.
4.) Nudes (not too picky about the sender)
5.) A Clay Aiken fathead

Pretty reasonable, no? Well

1.) The extinction of white males
2.) Odell Beckham Jr.’s dick
3.) One black friend
4.) A sensual bubble bath with my sister
5.) An abortion

Ok, well those are exaggerated. Except the last one. Lena Dunham said she wanted an abortion. On her podcast, Women of the Hour, Dunham commented on the ‘bravery’ and ‘self-knowledge’ of women who have had abortions and vowed to put her own stigma about aboriton ‘in the garbage.’

She ended the convo by dropping the hammer: ‘Now I can say that I still haven’t had an abortion, but I wish I had.’

Dunham, once again, showed just how grisly the feminist far left can be by undermining the emotional struggles of women who’ve actually had abortions. How she cannot see the irony in the shit she does is beyond me. And apparently others as well…

The backlash, like that when she called for the ‘extinction of white males’ or when she called out Odell Beckham for not wanting to bang her, caused Lena to hop on social media and apologize for her asinine comments.

Delete your account.

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