King Bro Leo DiCaprio Swooped In And Spit Game To A Girl Dancing In Front Of Bieber At Met Gala After Party

I’m not as big of a Bieber hater as most. Ya sure I think he’s a scummy little shit but so am I. And I’d cut off my left testicle with a swiss army knife to live his life for an hour. But Leo is Leo. He’s made some of the most enjoyable films of our time and I got my first hand job watching The Titanic. So Leo has a special place in my heart, and it’s a no brainer that he’s the one I’d rather have in my entourage. So while this video raises more questions than answers (Was Biebs trying to lay pipe? What was Leo’s pick up line? Did he bang her in the Champagne Room? Will this redness on the tip of my penis go away?….uhh convo for another time), we at least can use our imaginations to convince ourselves that Leo gave her the business while Biebs went home and waxed his kielbasa.

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