The Internet Memed This Picture Of Leonardo DiCaprio And President Obama Having A Serious Discussion


White House Twitter

So the White House announced yesterday that they will invite Rob Bernard, The Chief Environmental Strategist of Microsoft Oscar-winner and certified member of the Pussy Posse, Leonardo DiCaprio, to meet with President Barack Obama next week to discuss climate change. The Oct. 3 meeting will be followed by a screening of DiCaprio’s new climate documentary Before the Flood.

You may remember from Leo’s Academy Awards’ speech that he is a stark advocate on climate change, urging us to “stop procrastinating.” Since then, I’ve stopped putting my waste based on which bin is less full, and made an effort to organize recyclables vs. trash. Hashtag do your part.

In the week leading up to their meeting, the White House posted a photo to their Twitter account that features Obama and Leo in the thick of a very important conversation. Or not. The internet thinks not. And I choose to believe them.

[h/t Uproxx]

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