Kid’s Letter To His Teacher On How He Wants To Sit Next To The ‘Attractive’ Girl In Class Is The Ultimate Power Move

Elementary school was rough. Not only was it the start of years and years of not getting a much-needed designated naptime sometime during the school day, but your teacher determined where you sat rather than giving it up to your own free will. This makes sense when you remember that 9-year-old you would’ve sat with your friends and dicked around the entire day, but it also meant there was always the possibility of getting sat next to someone you hated (read: anyone of the opposite gender who had cooties or did gross shit like pick their nose in public).

Such was the fate of this kid, who got stuck sitting next to Tori, and as we all know anyone named “Victoria” who chooses to shorten their name to “Tori” with an “I” at the end probably sucks, elementary school-aged children included. It’s one thing to ask to have your seat changed because of legitimate pencil case tensions, but then sticking your neck out even further and asking to be put next to the “attractive” girl in class? Power move, kid.

[H/T Elite Daily]