If You Get Your License Plates Revoked I Don’t Recommend ‘Fixing’ It The Way This Woman Did

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I’m decent at drawing. I make a badass spring away weekend frat cooler and I paint designs onto accent walls like a motherfucker. But drawing a fake license plate? Why in ever-loving-fuck would you ever think that would work? Unless you’re a stupid idiot…aka Johanna Baez-Rodriguez.

A Massachusetts woman whose license plates were revoked attached a hand-drawn tag to her car and kept driving, police say.
Johanna Baez-Rodriguez, 25, was pulled over yesterday morning by a state trooper who spotted the homemade license plate on her 1991 Honda Accord as it traveled on Insterstate 391 in Chicopee.
As seen above, the counterfeit cardboard plate includes numbers and letters drawn on with red and blue markers.
Baez-Rodriguez, a Springfield resident, was charged with a variety of violations, including driving with a suspended license and attaching false plates to her ride.

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Cardboard? Markers? You couldn’t at least shell out for some photo paper and acrylic paint? That’s some hobo shit right there.
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