What It’s Like to Fall Off a Longboard at 40 MPH

by 4 years ago


I know this feeling very well and it is not a fun one. When I was in eighth grade, we were playing roller hockey at my friend David’s house. Ryan’s sister drove past in her Nissan Maxima with a couple of girls. They were all older. And cute. Trying to be cool and impress them, I grabbed onto the bumper. They giggled and drove away with me in tow. I held on for awhile, the wheels on my Bauer roller blades trembling as the car speed up. Around a curve was when I lost control and crashed into the asphalt, breaking three bones in my left wrist.

Do not try it at home. But if someone had filmed me, I would have gladly shared it on the internet for the lulz. So enjoy this.


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