Lil Dicky Takes Down Rawdog Sex In Trojan BareSkin Condoms Video

Lil Dicky stars in a new ad for Trojan BareSkin condoms and completely nails why barebacking with a rando or new love is an easily avoidable disaster.

Seriously, it takes two seconds and it doesn’t feel that much worse. Jesus, is your dick made of  Condoms are dumb. Condoms suck. STDs and unwanted babies are FAR worse. Trust me. … … I mean… trust my friend… of a friend.

Who’s the girl? I don’t know. Comments were disabled. She looks like a cross between Olivia Munn and Kristin Kreuk from Smallville and EuroTrip. Part of me thinks maybe this is how Munn locked down Aaron Rodgers. Gave him a sweet slice of raw, unwrapped hair pie. Once A-Rod got a taste of what it be without protection, he was hypnotized and ditched his family.

Meanwhile, Lil Dicky has been busy locking down Rob Gronkowski in man coverage to promote Madden ’17. My money says there were numerous discussions about condom usage on that shoot. As much as we’d all like Gronk to be a superhero impervious to disease, he banged out Bibi Jones, so he definitely unfurled a string of rubbers like Snoop Dogg in the Gin & Juice music video.

This isn’t the first time LD has promoted condoms, he did a PSA back in March.

As a reminder, Dicky’s freestyle set in June had “more fire bars than Bourbon Street” while his track “$ave Dat Money” was “so hot it made ghost peppers feel like ice cubes“.

Via Elite Daily

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