EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Lil Dicky Has A Hilarious PSA About Safe Sex That Everyone Needs To Hear

Rapper Lil Dicky is the Millennial Generation’s Aristophanes. When we first heard Dicky’s “Ex Boyfriend” back in April 2014 here at BroBible, we instantly knew Lil Dicky was poised to explode as the voice of a generation — dude can spit straight fire and keep his message relatable and humorous to every millennial with a sense of humor.

Now the “$ave That Money” rapper is dropping truth bombs about safe sex for Trojan condoms. In the public service announcement above, Dicky tells the story about his buddy getting busy in a bar bathroom. He goes on to explain how neurotic the thought of raw-dogging makes him — Even a rich and famous rapper like Lil Dicky can’t even enjoy the pleasures of the moment without the peace of mind that comes with wrapping it up.

“It’s super stressful.”

He continues:

“Have sex. Be young. Have sex in a bathroom — that’s sound awesome. Just wear a condom… Preferably Trojan.”

Preach, Dicky. Preach.

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