Lion Slams HARD Into A Glass Wall As He Tries To Make A Meal Out Of A Little Kid At The Zoo

little kid lion glass zoo

YouTube - Tu Bui Anh

In the wake of everything Harambe this video comes at a time where everyone’s awareness of wild animals is at an all time high.

So this video of a lion racing towards a small child in what looks like an attempt to eat him for dinner only serves to once again reinforce the fact that yo, wild animals can be pretty freaking dangerous.

Watch as the youngster has a little staring contest with the lion for awhile then as soon as he turns his back the big cat takes off in a sprint only to be thwarted by the glass separating him from the boy.

And when I say thwarted, I mean the lion completely slams into the glass face first.

The kid’s reaction once he sees the lion up close and personal pretty much says it all. Hope he was still in diapers.

As Gizmodo pointed out this weekend, turning your back on a big cat? Bad idea.

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H/T Elite Daily