You Won’t Believe The Carnage Left By This Little Brat Destroying A Dollar Store

Look at this little kid completely destroying a dollar store with no restraint or remorse. What a fucking asshole. He looks about 9-years-old in this video and is already a full-fledged asshole. Assholes don’t just change into assholes when they turn a certain again. This kid was born an asshole. He probably comes from a family of assholes. His asshole parents are nowhere to be found as he’s a tornado of assholeness ripping through this store. After several minutes of unadulterated assholery, this little asshole is finally escorted out of the store after nonsensically throwing products off the shelves and throwing a tissue box at the videographer. Hopefully this kid watches this abhorrent video and sees how much of an asshole he is. Then he commits to change his life for the better, and to not being an asshole.