This NSFW Video Is Of A Little Girl Who Made A ‘Dolphin On Wheels’ Out Of Play-Doh…Or Is It A Throbbing Green Cock?

Little kids are beautifully innocent and naive creatures who don’t know the difference between a giant purple dildo and a lightsaber, which typically leads to them running around swinging their mom’s dildo throughout the house screaming about how the force is with them. It’s all in good fun until you have your boss over for dinner though and he thinks your kid is a blossoming miniature pervert.

Luckily for Erika Salazar-Cianciolo her boss wasn’t over when her kid decided to make a “dolphin on wheels” out of play-doh, aka a giant throbbing green cock. To be fair to the kid, it’s not like any of us could do any better at that age…but then again why the fuck would you want to put wheels on a dolphin?

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