6-Year-Old Kid Suspended For Doing Something On The Playground That Every Little Kid Has Done Since Forever

by 3 years ago
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Is it any wonder kids hate school? I’m pretty sure prisoners have more fun. Kids can’t play dodge ball, if they say even one negative thing to one another they’re labeled a bully and now they can’t even pretend. They ESPECIALLY can’t pretend to have a weapon.

A 6-year-old boy is facing a three-day suspension from school because he pretended to shoot an imaginary bow and arrow during recess. The boy’s parents, Matthew and Martha Miele, told WLWT-TV their son was pretending to be a Power Ranger. When a teacher at his school noticed him pretending to shoot a bow and arrow, she took the boy to the principal’s office.

The young boy’s parents were then called and told the boy was being suspended for making threatening gestures.

“I have no tolerance for any real, pretend, or imitated violence. The punishment is an out of school suspension,” a letter from the principal read.

I wonder if it was a struggle to take his pretend bow and arrow away. Just think of how many kids are hurt each year from pretend weapons. Oh, right, none. Meanwhile, the high school down the street has archery during gym class. (Am I the only person who had archery during gym? I swear, it’s true).

“I can’t stop him from pretending to be a super hero. I can’t stop him from playing Ninja Turtles. I can’t stop him from doing these things and I don’t think it would be healthy to do so,” Martha Miele told WLWT-TV.


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