Dude Live Tweets Some Customer Having A Meltdown Over Butternut Squash Not Being Cubed Cheese

by 2 years ago

Two things I’ve never purchased at the grocery store include a 2-pound plastic container of clearly labeled ‘BUTTERNUT SQUASH’ or a 2-pound plastic container of cheese. I’ve never purchased the latter because I’m fairly sure that it doesn’t exist. I’ve seen tiny containers of cubed cheese before, but 2-pounds? Nah.

Below, a man live-tweeted a grocery store customer having a meltdown because he’d thought that he had purchased cheese when it was in fact clearly labeled butternut squash. The man tried to lie his way out of the situation, repeatedly, only to storm out of there. Is this the most important tweet storm of all time? Nah. Is this some Grade-A quality entertaining Internet? You bet your ass it is.

For starters, here’s what the bag of butternut squash in question supposedly looked like:

Now, the tweets:

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