This Guy Doesn’t Have To Pay Back A $2,000 Loan From 2012 To His Brother For The Best/Worst Reason Ever


Giving out loans to family members can be tricky. Do you charge interest? Do you not charge interest? How long does the family member have to pay you back? Do you kneecap the fucker if they never pay you back? There are so many questions and ins and outs when it comes to loaning money to family, because the last thing you want to do is ruin your relationships But even with all those questions, you usually open your wallet if you can. And that is what Judd Markowitz’s brother Ryan did when Judd needed $2,000 in 2012.

Like a good bro, Ryan Markowitz loaned his brother $2,000, charged him ZERO interest on that loan, and delayed all payments until December 2018. He even agreed to add a few circumstances that, if they came true, would waive the entire repayment of the loan. That last part was a mistake, because as you’ll see below, one of the “outrageous” circumstances came true.

Here is a larger image of the agreement. The bullet-point that is third from the bottom clearly forgives the entire loan.


Tough break, Ryan, but a deal is a deal and your brother evidently has mastered the art of the deal.