‘Mom Of The Year’ Goes To The Woman Who Locked Her Six-Year-Old Child Outside TWICE So She Could Bang Her Boyfriend

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Kids are fuckin’ annoying, but I like to think that even if my spawn were screaming bloody murder while throwing feces around the house, I’d be the bigger person and just take a quick breather to calm myself down and stop questioning where I went so wrong in my life. Or I’d smack them around…gently. Either one would work. However, for 22-year-old Jolisa Renee Peterson, her kids weren’t busy destroying any chances of getting her home’s security deposit back by decorating her walls with poo. No, they were locked outside and wandering around the local freeway because Jolisa wanted some private time to get her hanky-panky on with her boyfriend.

“A Houston mother is charged with putting her 6-year-old daughter in danger so that she could have sex with her boyfriend…
The child told the officer she had walked to a nearby gas station twice that day in May to get a soda, according to court documents. She said she didn’t go to school because her mom was ‘asleep with a boy.’ She said her mother told her to go outside to play, police said.
Police learned the girl lived more than half a mile from the gas station.
When they arrived at Peterson’s apartment, she denied knowing that her daughter had left the apartment, police said. Officer’s pointed out that the door must have been locked from the inside because the child didn’t have a key…
Police determined the young girl had to cross two feeder roads and go under a freeway overpass bridge to get to the gas station.”


Priorities, amirite? Why put your kid in a play-pen or sandbox or whateverthefuck 6-year-olds do when you can just chuck’em outside to fend for themselves? We’ve got the next Bear Gryllis in the making here. As for walking more than half a mile under freeways and feeder roads, it’s called exercise, guys. Our nation has an obesity crisis going on and Jolisa her is NOT about to let her kids get chunky. Total shoo-in for “Mother of the Year” award over here.

[Image via Houston Police Department]

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