Snapchat Is Charging People $.99 To Use Their Selfie Filters Now And People Are FREAKING OUT

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Ahhhh… I love free market capitalism. Millions and millions and millions of people use Snapchat on the daily basis, but the second the Evan Spiegel tries to charge for an enhanced feature, EVERYONE starts freaking out. Hey — flights to Australia with your hot Victoria’s Secret model girlfriend are expensive this holiday season!

Snapchat’s selfie features are relatively new, but today they started to charge people money to use them at a modest $.99 a pop. No idea if that has anything to do with Fidelty’s 25% stock downgrade for Snapchat this week, but surely having another revenue stream on Snapchat isn’t the worst thing.

Naturally, people aren’t happy.





To that last tweet — LOL! No shit — Snapchat’s a business. You think tech companies just exist in thin air to make it easier to send people selfies? Would you prefer pop-up pre-roll ads every time you go to send someone a snap? Because they can do that too if you want…

Snapchat, meanwhile, is embracing the hate:



Hey… Seven filters are still free, so stop your bitching people…

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