Look How Big This Turtle Is

No, not that  turtle. That turtle is only 640 pixels wide, and even less when viewed on a mobile device.

But this turtle, this turtle is massive.

Look at that ugly turtle’s fucking mug. It doesn’t even look like a face. God damn it’s big. Here’s another picture.


Wanna learn more about it? Here’s an educated news source (The Guardian)

A rare leatherback sea turtle, nicknamed Yawkey and weighing an estimated 500 lbs, was being treated at the South Carolina Aquarium on Monday after being rescued on a remote coastal beach – the first leatherback known to have been stranded alive in South Carolina.

The turtle was spotted on Saturday on a beach on the Yawkey-South Island Reserve in Georgetown County and brought to the aquarium.

It was too big for the aquarium’s scales, so they are only estimating it mass. But it’s so damn big.

It’s also diabetic.

The turtle has low blood sugar and is being treated with fluids and antibiotics.

Thorvalson said it’s possible Yawkey may have eaten marine debris such as plastic which can appear to a turtle to be jellyfish, their favorite food. Eating plastic could cause a buildup of gas in the digestive tract, making the turtle buoyant and washing it to shore.

It’s also dumb.

The aquarium hopes to release the turtle as soon as possible because leatherbacks don’t do well in captivity. Since they live in the deep ocean they don’t sense boundaries so they tend to swim into the sides of tanks and bruise.

That’s a big, dumb turtle.

[Via First We Feast]