This Dog Got New Booties For The Winter And Suddenly He Thinks He’s Lord Of The Silly Walks



Meet Sir William MacRuffington of Yorkshire, Lord of the Silly Walks. He goes by ‘Bill’ for short, and he hasn’t been to Yorkshire since the day of his christening. But what he lacks in sophistication and British eloquence young Bill makes up for in silly walks. Bill knows that he’s the Lord of the Silly Walks, and now that Billy’s got new boots he’s putting his silly walks on display for all the world to see.

Frankly this dog is a hero, because for a hot minute there I’d forgotten the true meaning of ‘silly walks’. Some dogs think they walk the walk, but young Bill here truly knows what it means to be the Lord of the Silly Walks.

If someone ever asks you ‘what exactly are you talking about when you say silly walks?‘ then I want you to just show them this video. Show them this video and then share these GIFs with them. In fact, just share this whole damn post with everyone you know and spread the good word of Sir William MacRuffington, Lord of the Silly Walks:

[YouTube / DeathTaco]