Bro Quits His Job, Marries His GF, Moves To Sri Lanka And Films His Adventure In A Film That’ll Truly Inspire

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Sebastian Linda / Loving Lanka

Sebastian Linda had enough of the grind, so last year he quit his job, married the love of his life, and they moved to Sri Lanka to begin living. He’s made this incredibly moving film, capturing the images and moments from their time spent so far in Sri Lanka, and this WILL inspire you to get out there and do a little living yourself. The audio in this video comes from the legendary Alan Watts:

Sitting in a classroom, an office in Manhattan, or wherever in the world you might be…well, it can be pretty easy to forget that there’s a massive world out there and you haven’t even seen a fraction of it yet. Living in NYC, each Summer I make it a personal goal to get out of the city 2 weekends of every month. Often I’m stuck going to weddings and things of that nature, but equally as often I’m able to steal away to upstate New York (the Adirondacks) and New England, and feel constantly refreshed by escaping the concrete jungle.

As narrow as this sounds, this is the level of travel I’m able to do on a regular basis, and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have lasted more than 2 years in NYC (going on a decade now) if I didn’t constantly get out of the city to recharge my batteries. This video’s already got me jacked up to get out of town in the next week or two. Last weekend I trudged out into the woods (in upstate NY) and found a cave, a cave I’d never known was there before but that’s been there for probably thousands of years. That felt good as hell, to find something new. So I implore you bros to get out there this Summer and find something new, or see something you’ve never seen before. Life’s about the living.


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