Luke Bryan Schools A Couple Dudes Fighting At His Spring Break Show Cause That’s How Country Boys Roll

And yea, I know that’s a Billy Currington song but what the fuck ever.

Is there anyone more Bro than Luke Bryan? With songs like “Drink a Beer” and “Sorority Girl,” dude knows how to live his life. Beers and sorority girls. What more do you want? He’s also performs ever year at¬†Panama City, which is boss as shit.

This spring break, he was performing at Spinnakers when a fight broke out. And let me tell you, Luke knows how to stop a fight. Not only does he threaten to walk off the stage, he looks out for those “pretty country girls” as well.

Also, bet those boys didn’t plan on doing any learin’ on spring break, but Bryan schooled ’em good.

Luke Bryan, you the man