Lululemon CEO Says: Test for Pants’ Sheerness by Bending Over

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“The truth of the matter is the only way you can actually test for the issue is to put the pants on and bend over,” Day said on today’s conference call. “Just putting the pants on themselves doesn’t solve the problem. It passed all of the basic metric tests and the hand-feel is relatively the same, so it was very difficult for the factories to isolate the issue, and it wasn’t until we got in the store and started putting it on people that we could actually see the issue.”

Got that? Women across the country are being told to bend over and ask their boyfriends, hookups, or random friendly-looking guys to check out their butts, so the girls can get a refund.


It does turn out that this recall is a huge problem for the company—Lululemon has developed a reputation for quality, which allows it to charge $98 a pair for yoga pants. The quality has now been called into question, and the company could lose $20 million next quarter. It looks like a once-valuable company could be…

…. Okay, fine. Here's what you came for, heathens:

[H/T: The Atlantic Wire]

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