This Possible Lunatic Drove Around Manhattan in 24 Minutes, Was Arrested

Afroduck being the alias of Christopher Tang, a (kind of awesome?) 30-year-old guy who recently drove a “record” lap around Manhattan, recorded the drive in his 2006 BMW model Z4, then anonymously uploaded the video to YouTube before boasting to the car blog Jalopnik, “You frankly can’t identify who I am by just looking at the video… and records were meant to be broken.” This prompted NYPD police commissioner Ray Kelly to say, essentially, 'We will find out who you are.'

(And spoiler alert: The cops found out who he is.)

From the New York Post:

Tang appeared in court sporting facial hair, and wearing the same baggy shorts and Jack Daniels logo t-shirt he had on when police arrested him on Thursday night.

He was arraigned on two misdemeanor counts, one each of reckless driving and reckless endangerment. Kalra said her office might seek a felony grand jury indictment of Tang. Judge Joanne Quinones ordered Tang’s driver’s license suspended and demanded that Tang, a Canadian national, surrender his passport.

Quinones denied a request by Tang’s public defender, Vanessa Macias, that he be released on his own recognizance, and set bail at $10,000. Quinones made no ruling on Kalra’s argument  that Tang isn’t poor enough to qualify for legal aid.

“He informed our office that he made enough day trading that he doesn’t need to do anything else for support,” Kalra said.


So yeah, Tang is now being threatened with some jail time. But you will never take away his crowning achivement: an absolutely ridiculous video of the guy weaving through traffic, going 60 miles an hour on NYC streets, and committing literally dozens of traffic offenses en route to a record time.

He lived the less violent parts of GTA IV in real life. I have a weird respect for him. Free Afroduck.