Here’s How To Make Yourself Hallucinate Without Having To Rely On Your Drug Dealer

by 3 years ago

We’ve all been stood up by our drug dealers. Well us degenerates have. I shouldn’t lump all you bros who live above the influence into my downward spiral. Regardless, anticipating drugs and then being stood up and having to live life sober leaves a deep, dark void that only drugs can fill. Again, downward spiral.

But thanks to the bros over at the Youtube channel Scam School, there’s a way to make your brain hallucinate. Without drugs. EVERYONE CAN PLAY!

What we hope to achieve is the Ganzfeld Effect. By exposing your brain to unstructured, uniform stimulation, your brain tries to ‘fill the gaps’ and find patterns that aren’t really there to compensate for the missing visual signals.

All you need to do is take a sheet of white paper and cut it into the shape of a blindfold, using an elastic band to secure the paper mask around your head. You can use cotton to patch up your periphery if you can see out the side. Like so.


Next, grab some noise-cancelling headphones and play some uninterrupted noise (i.e. TV static). Sit in a quiet area and within 10 to 30 minutes, you should be hallucinating.

Unilad points out that a comment on the below video indicates that the experiment worked with flying colors. Quite literally.

For quite a long time, there was nothing except a green-greyish fog. It was really boring, I thought, ‘ah, what a nonsense experiment!’ Then, for an indefinite period of time, I was ‘off’, like completely absent-minded. Then, all of sudden, I saw a hand holding a piece of chalk and writing on a black-board something like a mathematical formula.

Check out the dudes from Scam School have similar experiences.

Try it out brosephs and let me know if you’re taken to a land far, far away.

[h/t Unilad]

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