Shout Out To This Diesel Mama Sheepdog Who Gave Birth To 17 Pups In One Litter (17!)

A sheep dog in California just set a record for the most puppies birthed in a single litter, with 17.


Stella is a three-year-old Maremma sheepdog from Napa, whose main job is herding sheep. In her spare time, she pumps babies out her hooch.

“Six to eight is normal,” said [her owner] John Costanzo. “Seventeen is insane.”

He said the vet told them on the spot Stella set a record for the state. It’s also the largest litter ever recorded for her breed.

Way to go, Stella. Here’s the proud mama.

For the record, She’s The Fastest gave birth to 25 puppies back in 1995. But 17 is still pretty good.

All the dogs have already been claimed for, which is both great news, and kind of a bummer.

[Via CBS Local]

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