Now The Dude With The Bionic Penis Wants To ‘Date’ A Sex Robot And I’m Starting To Think He’s An Ungrateful Asshole

by 2 years ago

The story of how Mohammed Abad lost his penis at 6-years-old is tragic. A car hit Abad and dragged him nearly 2,000 feet, also ripping off his penis off and destroying one of his testicles. I have so much empathy towards Mr. Abad for having to endure such a trauma. Thanks to a modern medical marvel he was given a bionic penis in July 2015.

Mohammed lost his virginity at age 43 by having relations with a sex worker who waved her $200/hour fee and volunteered to ride his imposter impaler. That’s awesome!

But Mohammed complained that his 8-inch faux fuckstick is too big and so he had a three-hour surgery to scale down his schlong. Talk about looking a gift horse right in the fucking mouth.

Then Abad complained that he received 50 requests from women all around the world to have no-strings-attached sex with his bionic dick. However, Abad said he is he is “just too tired for sex” because he works too much. Here’s free pussy – nah I’m good.

But NOW Abad says he has time and energy to fuck and instead of those real human females desiring that robot dick, he said he wants to screw sex dolls.

“I am not one of these people who will stop everything to find a woman,” Abad said. “I would definitely date a sex robot – if I was single at the time.”

“If the sex robots have a personality and you can improve them anyway you want – I would definitely be up for meeting one,” the bionic dick said.

“It would be wrong to say that I don’t get lonely because I do,” Mohammed said. “I am human because that is what we all do.”

Science gives you this bionic dong that can flaunt a hard-on for hours and women from all over the world want that robot chode, but you are contemplating dating a sex doll? Mohammed Abad, you seem like an ungrateful asshole. But looking at this sex robot, maybe human ladies aren’t worth all the trouble.

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