Man Rushed To ER After Breaking His Dick So Badly That He Heard It Snap (YIKES!)

This unpleasant tale will make you go home and hug your genitals a little tighter tonight.

An unnamed 42-year-old man from Boston was having a fantastic fuck sesh until the calamity of all calamities transpired.

The Daily Mail described the situation as follows, “His erect phallus had inadvertently collided with his partner’s perineum, the area in front of the anus.” Translation: His hard dick smashed into his fuckbuddy’s taint.

The hapless dude was fucking so vigorously that his domepiece broke when it hit the Great Wall of Grundle. If that wasn’t enough torture, he heard his own disco stick snap. Let me reiterate, he mangled his own penis so violently that his dick innards made an audible noise that was able to be heard some 2-to-3-feet away.

Naturally when you completely destroy your chode, you suddenly aren’t in the mood to make love anymore. The poor soul was overcome with pain thus then instantly going flaccid. It gets worse, he then noticed the tip of his dick spurting blood. I’m no doctor, but that sounds problematic.

He was rushed to the A&E department of a Boston hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. In a New England Journal of Medicine report it stated that doctors discovered he fractured a fibrous membrane inside his schlong and tore his tunica albuginea, the watertight and fibrous outer sheath of one of the penis’ inner chambers, the corpus cavernosa. I never want anything to happen to my precious tunica albuginea.

Doctors say such a fracture can result in erectile dysfunction, cause your penis to curve and/or damage the nerve endings.

Thankfully this story has a happy ending, the man returned to be examined by doctors after three and six months after his traumatic surgery, and regained his ability to get an erection as well as without his cock curving like a banana.

Let this be a warning bros, please be careful when you’re going hard in the sack.