EPIC: Man Dumps Cheating Girlfriend With PERFECT Fake Marriage Proposal!

YouTube user beanyneilpudsey made the unfortunate discovery that his future wife has been cheating on him. Even while she has been planning their wedding, the girl has been allegedly banging another dude. This scorned man has decided to exact his revenge in one mind-blowing marriage proposal that is an emotional roller coaster.

Instead of flying into a fit of rage and just dumping her clothes onto the street, this genius swallowed his anger and planned the the “best dumping video of a cheating girl you will ever see.” The girlfriend has been sending “dirty pics” and scandalous text messages to another man named “Thomas Rue,” despite planning a wedding.

This bro king has known about the affair three weeks, but he is about to get his vengeance. The plan is to have her read a heartfelt and sappy letters and find a fake engagement ring. He’ll make her wear goofy reindeer antlers just to make her look like an asshole. Then she will be under the impression that she is going to fly north and stay in an igloo where he will propose to her under the Northern lights. All of this will take place while “It Must Have Been Love (But It’s Over Now)” by Swedish pop-rock group Roxette plays in the background.

There’s heart-shaped construction paper with a poem on it, and then ends with, “This is the big question I’m asking you?” And inside the heart it asks the “big question.” “Who the fuck is Thomas Rue?”


Legend Status Achieved.

The video is over 16 minutes long, but I assure you the payoff and this cheating woman’s face is time well spent.

Don’t forget to stay til the end for dildo karaoke.


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