Man Found Drinking Beer Naked In A Barn With Pigs, Said He Just Wanted To Drink Some Beer Naked With Some Pigs

Lancaster Sheriff’s Office

Pretty much every Bro can agree that drinking beer with your shirt off is better than drinking beer with your shirt on.

That’s personally as far as I take it, but Larry Henry of Lancaster, PA, likes to go one step further, ditching all his clothes before popping open a brew.

He also, according to police, likes to put those back while chilling in a barn with pigs. They know this because that’s where a farmer found the 64-year-old the other day, naked, in a barn, chilling with some pigs, drinking a sixer of Hamm’s.

“I like pigs,” Henry said when asked by police what he was doing.

Yea he does. Yea he does.

Henry has been charged with trespassing, public drunkenness and indecent exposure.

[Via KRON]