Must Be Opposite Day: Man Jailed For Poking Holes in Condoms Hoping to Get His Girlfriend Pregnant

According to Sun News:

A Nova Scotia man who pricked holes in his girlfriend's condoms to get her pregnant will have to serve 18 months in jail.

During his trial, court heard that Craig Jaret Hutchinson had been dating the complainant for about nine months in 2006 when their relationship became rocky.

He thought having a child together would be the best way to save their relationship.

A Nov. 5, 2006, text message cited in court documents read in part: “I wanted a baby with you so bad, I sabotaged the condoms. I poked holes in them all.”

It get's better. He succeed. He got her fucking pregnant. According to the Daily Mail:

Mr. Hutchinson and his girlfriend, who was named only as N.C., began dating in January of 2006 but by that same summer, despite a reportedly active sex life together, she started to lose interest.

Around this time, the defendant started poking holes in the contraceptives and by September, much to her surprise, she was pregnant.

The Novia Scotia Court of Appeal noted on Thursday in a statement: 'Mr. Hutchinson began encouraging her to take a pregnancy test. She wondered why but, after much persistence, she acceded to his request. It came back as negative

'This was September 1. He insisted that she take another. She did so on September 5. It came back as positive. She was shocked. He was delighted.'

Way to be sly about it. Idiot.

How is this any different from chicks saying “I'm on the pill” when they are, in fact, not on the pill? I know of a few dudes that have been hoodwinked by that move from chicks they met during one-night stands who just wanted a kid from a guy with enough money to pay child support. Better not bring this up to them. They're going to be fucking livid to find out they could've put those chicks behind bars.

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