Man Nearly Blows Legs Off After Flicking Lit Cigarette Into Sewer Causing Explosion

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Apparently, this gentleman is not aware that smoking kills. In what might very well be the most effective anti-smoking ad, a man was smoking a cigarette when he was blown up.

The man disposes of his lit cigarette down a sewer hole. BIG mistake. The cigarette met with the fumes in the sewer and caused a powerful explosion. Doesn’t he realize that poopies can contain flammable gases such as hydrogen, methane, hydrogen sulfide? The blast was so intense that it blew his shoes right off his feet. Must be a Chipotle nearby.

Littering and… littering and… littering and startin’ a small explosion.

The worst part is that he flicked the lit cigarette then looked down the hole just as there was an explosion.

There are rumors that ISIS has taken credit for the explosion.

This is exactly why you never stick your shit in a hole that you’re not familiar with.

This was legit silent but deadly.

It is a safe bet that the shitter was full.

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