Marriage Leaves Poor Man So Traumatized He Moved Into A Cave For Ten Years After His Divorce



Whenever I hang out with my married friends at their married people houses in Suburbanianville, Bore State, America, the guys — once we are out of ear shot of their wives — tell me the same refrain.

“Don’t ever get married.”

Yea. Duh. I knew that. That’s why I’m not married right now.

I don’t feel bad for them. They are just doing the stereotypical sad dude lament. Most of them actually even love their wives!

But for every tolerable marriage, there are 15,000 terrible ones (stats approximate).

Xu Wenyi, of China, apparently had one so bad that after it was over, he left society. Completely.

Now, he lives in a cave under the ground. Talk about being scarred for life. From the Daily Mail:

A Chinese farmer spent six years digging himself a cave in a mountain after getting divorced from his wife.

Xu Wenyi, 57, has now lived in the cave in Hunan province in southern China for more than a decade.

He says it gives him peace and quiet, and the chance to ‘escape reality’, reported the People’s Daily Online.

Mr Xu says that since he moved to the cave he has had the chance to enjoy the fresh air and do more exercise.

To see pictures of the cave, visual proof of how a woman can completely smother, destroy, then eat alive a man’s soul, head over to the Daily Mail.

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