The Hilarious Saga Of a Man On Imgur Whose 16-Year-Old Sister Wanted To Move-In With Her Boyfriend

A pretty incredible saga unfolded on Imgur the other day. A user by the AnthonyCapo posted a reaction GIF thread about his 16-year-old sister telling her mom over dinner that she wants to move-in with her boyfriend. He then continued to post updates of the family drama — tense at times — unfolding before his very eyes. There is a sense of entertaining absurdness that does into most family drama and AnthonyCapo did a amazing job capturing just that while Imgur community read his updates, popcorn gifs and all:

This story has it all. Jimmy Johns. Tubas. Toasters. Divorced parents. Here’s how one of the most amazing things you’ll ever read on the Internet went down:

When My 16 Year Old Sister Tells My Mom, “I want to move in with my boyfriend” at dinner.

Her bags are packed, and she is ready to go live with, “Dan” who I have taken to calling “Daquan”.

AnthonyCapo then started to post live updates on the situation:


He then took a break, starting a new thread in the morning:

Hello again, AnthonyCapo… it’s getting hard to navigate the updates and such because of all the support you guys have been giving, so I think I’ll do it from here at this point.

It is 8:55 AM in Bloomington, Indiana. My father, mother, and sister are talking to Emily about adoption, so the women are crying. My wife and I are distracting ourselves from the utter shock by talking to you guys on here. Dan’s family just called, and Dan’s dad called my sister a few things over the phone, of which my father wants to reciprocate to his son’s face.

Long day, but thank you for the support. I’ll share this with them years from now I’m sure, but TL;DR, updates will start ‘a comin from here.









Amazing. To quote Imgur user NuclearMorgan, “Good guy OP, delivering like a Jimmy Johns employee.”

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