Man Quits Job In Rage-Filled Outburst At Airport, Destroys His Laptop And iPhone In The Process, Instantly Regrets It

Maybe your job demands more and more of you without giving you proper compensation or acknowledgment. Or maybe your boss is a total prick. Whatever it is you swallow your pride and take the abuse because you got bills to pay. Maybe this video of man quitting his job in a public freakout at Heathrow Airport will inspire you or maybe you can live vicariously through this man’s outburst.

Here is the description of the video:

I was at Heathrow and this guy was getting angrier and angrier…eventually destroying his laptop and iPhone! lol

Let’s investigate the different stages of this roller coaster of a video.

1.) Denial

The video starts off with the man screaming “NO!” into the phone to his employer.

2.) Anger

The man’s ire over his current job manifests itself into a fiery rage that causes him to punch his laptop with his phone.

3.) Resistance

The man shouts, “I QUIT!!!” And for a split-second, all in his world is perfect.

4.) Regret

After he smashes his laptop and phone plus quitting his job in a moment of fury, the poor man comes to the realization that he has a mortgage payment due next week and becomes overwhelmed with emotion and appears to begin to sob.

How long after he destroyed his phone did he ask to borrow someone’s phone so he could call his boss and beg for his job back? This poor, poor fucking guy.