Man Vomits, Slips On It, And Ends Up Running Over His Own Head

by 5 years ago
Man Throwing Up


A little tip with cold and flu season in full swing — if you don’t feel well STAY HOME! You will just feel worse, spread the illness or possibly die after running over your own head.

Garry Willem Voorkamp, 53, died while driving a Caterpillar road grader in a group of four vehicles. Voorkamp wasn’t feeling well and moved over towards the door to vomit out the side. He slipped on his own vomit, fell off the machine while it was in motion, and the machine ran over his head.

Nathan Meikle and Joseph Pearce saw Mr Voorkamp pull over and thinking something unusual was happening they went over to the grader.

“The saw Garry Voorkamp lying on the ground near the rear wheels of the grader. (Mr) Pearce investigated and saw the head of (Mr) Voorkamp was between the two rear wheels of the grader. He had suffered a serious head injury,” the Coroner’s findings stated.

And the kicker — “He had trouble with his eyes. This may have been due to his leaving a contact lens in his eye overnight,” Coroner Crerar reported. “(Mr) Voorkamp took a ‘migraine pill’ but said this was not helping.”
Mr Voorkamp was asked if he wanted to go home for the day but declined and carried on working.

JUST GO THE FUCK HOME. In a car, not, a body bag.

[via NZ Herald]

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