Man About To Be Executed By ISIS Knocks Captor To The Ground And Steals His Gun

This video of street dune justice is beginning  to make the rounds on the webs and for good reason. While there is not yet much reporting on the incident, the video shows three men brought out to the middle of the desert to meet their untimely death at the hands of their ISIS captors. That’s before one of the men does a backwards headbutt move that would make Conor McGregor blush and knocks his intended killer to the ground. He then grabs the scumbags weapon, and the video ends with the world’s biggest cliffhanger? Did he shoot and kill any other ISIS members before scampering off with his fellow captors? If so, did he find a safe place to retreat? So many questions here, and when we learn them, I’ll update this post.

[h/t TFM]