Man Contacts Store After He Can’t Have Sex With His Donuts – Customer Service Lends A Helping Hand

Always keep your receipt. Because you never know when you will need to return or exchange your recent purchase such as this individual who was left unsatisfied with his donuts.

This gentleman purchased six sugar RING donuts, but he received donuts without the hole in the middle. Normally, any fatso who adores sugary carbohydrate discs would be pleasantly pleased that they received extra donut mass for no extra fee. You would think. But not this freak. This fella wants holes in his donuts. Why you regrettably ask? So he can shove his domepiece in the donut hole and have his ladyfriend eat the cockring donuts. Talk about “dough nuts.” The donut-loving fella was so upset over the lack of a hole that he complained to the grocery store.

Glazed and confused.



Morrison’s responded to the man in distress and advised him to improvise.

“Hey, these weren’t creme-filled when we bought them?”

Another Twitter user offered this wisdom to the man on how to fuck fried dough.

Instead of coming to the logical resolution of creating a hole in the donut, the man said he used onion rings. Apparently, the onion rings were piping hot and he burned his willy so severely that he had to go to the emergency room.

The grocery store played along with the troll.

But, hey, a girl needs food and dick.

Food porn gone awry.

How much dick cheese does this man have on his shaft that he has to put salty and sugary treats on his dong to entice his girl to go down on him? Or is his ladyfriend just a BIG fan of food?

In the end, the store and the food fucker became besties.

I sure hope the man kept his receipt for the donuts so he can exchange it for holey donuts and the amorous couple can food fuck again.