Man Loses Bet On Facebook, Ends Up Having To Strip For An Entire Movie Theater Of People During ‘Magic Mike XXL’

There are only two rules that people all over the world need to live by:

  1. Never write a check your ass can’t cash
  2. Never post a Facebook status offering to do X in exchange for likes, because everyone will fucking like it

Luke Samson unfortunately violated rule #2 by doing the following:

1000 likes and I’ll jump on the stage at Cineworld Eastbourne and do a full strip routine through magic mike xxl @8:30 and thrust my shit up in some unsuspecting Middle Aged womans face!

Posted by Luke Samson on Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Come on now Luke. Most people would go with something tame like “I’ll shave my head for 8 likes and a half-eaten Costco hot dog,” but you had to go big or go home didn’tcha? As you can see above poor Luke got almost double his 1,000 likes, and while most people would puss out and frolic in their fake Internet friends, Luke actually followed up.

Why do I open my big fucking mouth!!!

Posted by Luke Samson on Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Kudos to you, Luke…but at the same time you’re the one who put yourself into this situation, so really this was the only respectable option you had. So no kudos…maybe just an awkward pat on the back from someone who has really long fingernails.

Ugh, I shuddered just writing that.

According to Buzzfeed, Luke waited until the credits were rolling to start dancing to the song “Pony,” which is apparently an homage to Channing Tatum’s routine in the original Magic Mike. I wouldn’t know because I haven’t seen it. If I wanna see a bunch of half-naked men dance around I’ll go to a strip club. It’s cheaper than a $15 movie ticket and I don’t have to listen to some little shit goblin of a child talk through the whole film because Mommy couldn’t find a babysitter that night.

Whether or not Luke’s encore was better than the actual movie has yet to be determined, although if the first Magic Mike movie is any indication of how good the second one is, Hollywood might be better off just hiring Luke to twerk on-camera for 90 minutes and selling tickets to that.

[H/T Buzzfeed]