If You’re Going To Seek Revenge On The Dude Banging Your Ex, Be More Prepared Than This Tire-Slashing Idiot

Broken Car Window


Look, I understand losing a girl hurts, but if you’re going to seek revenge, please, DO YOUR DAMN HOMEWORK.

Authorities say a man seeking revenge against the man dating his ex-girlfriend went to the wrong New Jersey house and caused $10,000 in damage to vehicles in the driveway.

NJ.com reports Ajinka Kelkar believed a vehicle in the driveway of a South Brunswick home belonged to the other man. Police say the family that lives there soon discovered several vehicles had been damaged.

Cops say the tires were slashed and one car had obscenities scratched into the doors and fender. They also got a clear shot of the guy because of surveillance cameras stationed all around the property.

Maybe she left you because you’re an idiot?

WATCH: Dude Smashes Cheating Ex-Girlfriend’s Car Window

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