Think You Love Money? Man Wakes Up From 17-Month Long Coma After Smelling Cash

Everyone knows the distinctive, delicious smell of delicious cash. Smells like rich. Smells like money. Makes me want to rob a bank.

One man in China was apparently so in love with the smell of money that having a bill waved under his nose was enough to wake him from a 17-month long coma.

From the New York Post:

A Chinese man, who was in a coma for over a year, suddenly woke up when nurses wafted some cash under his nose.

One sniff of a 100 Yuan bill — worth $16 — was all it took to bring back Shenzhen resident Xiao Li as he lay unconscious in his hospital bed, Central European News reports.

Li fell into a mysterious coma in August of 2013 after staying up for a week straight to research business ideas, because yea, that’s how a normal person handles shit.

Doctors were unable to arise Li. Stupefied, they asked his family what he loved. Amazingly, the guy who put himself into a coma trying to find ways to get rich loved money.

For months doctors searched for a way to awaken Li, but to no avail. It wasn’t until his family revealed what he loved most in the world that they found their key to success.

“We had asked his family what really drove him, and they were very clear that it was money,” [chief medic Dr. Liu] Tang said. “When we learned about his fondness for money we experimented with notes and change.

“memories of smell and sound can be very powerful stimulants,” he added. “We found that a crisp, new 100 Yuan note crumpled under his nose worked best.”

Dumbass. He should have held out for more.