Manager At Target Gives Epic ‘300’ Speech To His Employees Before Black Friday: This Is TARGET!

It’s hard to rally your troops in the face of an unsurmountable foe, and by troops I mean retail employees wearing red shirts, and by foes I of course am talking about the millions of deal-hungry shoppers on Black Friday.

Yet somehow this manager from Targét channeled his muse King Leonidas from the movie ‘300’ and transformed the epic ‘This Is Sparta’ speech into a rousing edition of ‘This Is Target’ for all of his employees.

Is this awesome? Not even close. Is it cool that some manager at Targét cares enough about his employees to get them jacked up before Black Friday? Sure, but it’s also part of being an effective manager.
Yet there seems to be some sort of intangible je ne sais pas going on here that I can’t put my finger on, because this isn’t just an ordinary manager, and this isn’t just an ordinary video. It’s a Targét video.


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