U.S. Map Shows The Drunkest States In America During The Summer

Drunkest States In America During The Summer


As one well knows, the summer months are prime drinking months. You’ve got pool parties, barbecues, warm air… all sorts of good reasons to do a little drinking. But which states imbibe the most during these hazy, lazy days?

Well, thanks to VinePair and breathalyzer company BACtrack we have a pretty solid idea.

What they discovered was that the states with the highest average BACs (blood alcohol counts) during the summer months are West Virginia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Nebraska.

Way to go West Virginia!

And the states with the lowest average BACs are Kentucky, Delaware, Washington D.C., Missouri and New Mexico. (Yes, we know Washington D.C. isn’t a state. They still counted them. And yes, we’re as shocked to see them near the bottom as you are.)

BACtrack also has a whole bunch of other stats and data on our summer drinking including some really cool interactive charts and graphs, including what days we drink the most and which days we drink the least. Check it out.

Pool party image by Shutterstock