Map Of The Most Popular Emoji In Each State – Find Out If Your State’s Emoji Is The Eggplant

by 3 years ago

In the last study of the most popular emojis in each country by SwiftKey, we discovered that Canada sends the most poop emojis in the world. Now the award-winning keyboard app has released new information for the most popular emojis in each state.

The keyboard company analyzed more than a billion emojis and classified them by each state. They determined the U.S. average, and then which states utilize specific emojis more than others. In some cases they’re obvious like New York using the Statue of Liberty, Arizona using cacti and Iowa using corn. However in other places, the results are quizzical, like Texas using grapes the most, Maryland using pants the most and Nebraska loving to type snail emojis.

Mississippi keeps it 100 the most, but Vermont is the shit, utilizing using the poop emoji the most.

Nevada is the thirstiest, using the eggplant, key, video camera and open mouth emojis the most. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania uses the cherry emoji the most frequently. But don’t let Utah’s reputation of being deeply religious fool you, they are feverishly typing lollipops and “69” icons with one hand.

Flowers and football… That’s what Delaware does. California, home to Uber and Lyft, use the taxi icon the most. Indiana has nothing to do, but play video games apparently.

South Dakota sends the most happy faces, meanwhile New Jersey is melancholy, and sends the most sad faces.

Louisiana sends the most violent emojis, including guns and skulls. Missouri ranks number one for the cop emoji, which is probably not a compliment.

When it comes to getting high in a text message the New England is wasted. Maine rules the nation by using drug-themed emojis the most. New Hampshire is trying to get their drink on, leading the land in alcohol and beer emojis.

The Pacific Northwest loves themselves some food. Somehow manipulating their fat fingers, Oregonians use the junk food emoji the most. People from Washington interrupt their feeding times to use the most donut emojis.

So does your state represent you and your most used emoji?