Fascinating Map Reveals Which States In America Produce The Sexiest Instagram Photos

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With social media and especially Instagram taking over our lives I suppose it was just a matter of time before someone did this. In this case, that someone is the Web site Superdrug Online Doctor, who did some exhaustive research to determine which states, as well as which countries, produce the most sexy Instagram photos.

To come up with their rankings here’s what they did…

We scraped all Instagram posts containing the tag #sexy over a period of January 3, 2016 to January 4, 2016, collecting approximately 4.2 million posts, over 375,000 of which had geolocation data. To account for the small populations of many island nations, we counted these posts per 10,000 residents of a country using the latest population data from The World Bank. In certain maps of Europe, the nation of Monaco was omitted due to its prominence in the data and to ensure that the differences between other nations remained visible.

Our analysis of associated words in #sexy posts included a hand-picked selection of terms, and it does not offer an overall look at all words used in these posts. The term “women” was grouped in with “woman,” “girl,” “girls,” “lady,” and “ladies,” and “men” was grouped similarly. Other terms such as “body” were grouped only with their plurals (“bodies”, etc.).

4.2 million posts? That really sounds like a lot of work.

Of course it was totally worth it because now we know this…

Bit of a shocker. I would have pegged California for number one, not Nevada. As far as the least sexy, well… do any of those come as a real surprise?

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