Buy Stock In Bong Companies NOW Because It Looks Like Recreational Marijuana Legalization Is Happening!!

Okay, I get that you can’t actually buy stocks in companies that manufacture bongs here in America but you can most certainly invest in the companies that make materials used in those bongs, in the manufacturing of rolling papers, and other things of that nature. And I suggest this because the latest polls suggest that legalization of recreational marijuana, not to be confused with medical marijuana, is expected to pass in EVERY SINGLE STATE where recreational legalization is on the ballot this November:


In every state where recreational marijuana is on the ballot this November, the Washington Post’s marijuana policy reporter, Christopher Ingraham, notes, “[m]arijuana legalization is leading.” This isn’t a surprise considering the legal marijuana industry has been growing substantially, becoming one of the fastest burgeoning industries in America.
According to the poll, 50 percent of respondents in Arizona view recreational marijuana legalization favorably, while 60 percent in California do. Fifty-three percent of voters in Maine and Massachusetts and about 57 percent in Nevada also agree that legalizing recreational pot in their states would be a positive development.
According to NORML, out of the “13 … ballot initiatives [hoping] to either legalize adult marijuana use or to legalize the use of medical marijuana for qualifying medical conditions,” ten have qualified for the November 2016 electoral ballot. If all initiatives pass by popular vote, the country could “double the number of states that allow the recreational use of marijuana and could potentially expand the therapeutic benefits of marijuana use to millions of Americans.”

If you’ve read my Weed/Marijuana/Cannabis coverage here on BroBible in the past then you probably know already that 1) I don’t even smoke weed and 2) I’m a HUUUGE advocate of legalization because the War on Drugs, Marijuana Prohibition, and the Heroin/Opioid epidemic has been immeasurably devastating to our great country. It is very encouraging to see voters making level-headed decisions out there, or at least that’s what the polls are suggesting.

Now, if you’re wondering where the U.S. Presidential Candidates stand on marijuana legalization you can read up on that here.

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