This Genius Combined ‘Star Wars’ And ‘Mario Kart’ To Forge The Most Epic Mashup On The Internet Right Now

I don’t even know what to say, other than all praise YouTube user, the Leonardo Da Vinci of Mash-Up artists, Dark Pixel. This talented fella should have too much time on his hands more often. Humanity needs more of this shit, and less of those vomit-stained jabronies we call man-braid men, who are cropping up currently. This ‘Star Wars‘ v ‘Mario Kart’ mashup hits you with a wave of nostalgia, awakens a thirst, a maddening desire to tend the ‘Tendo, and drop hella bananas as you come from last place with the clutch power-ups to defeat your buddies, again.

This ‘Star Wars’ v. ‘Mario Kart‘ hybrid game doesn’t exist, in this universe at least, but that’s about to be seriously reconsidered once anyone from Nintendo lays eyes on this masterpiece. Dark Pixel’s attention to detail, character voiceovers, the soundtrack, is for lack of a better word, genius.