Man Braids Are the Latest Hipster Vomit Stain on Humanity

Wishing I knew how to braid my own hair right now to deal with this LA heat 😫 #throwback #menshair #manbraid

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The 2016 hipster hellcano has erupted. The skies had just begun to clear of glitter beard ash, and the walking Nightmare Before Christmas tree beards were receding from memory after intensive hypnotherapy. There seemed to be hope on the horizon. Well, buck up, because your news feed’s instafucked, and it all centers on the new hair trend we have to share a planet with: the man braid. Yes these goose-necked hipsters continue to take shits on their old trends, as they all move forwards to hatch the next diabolical plan, while taking plenty of selfies along the way.

Take a seat, man buns. The man braid looks like this, according to VICE:

The hipsters of this world wanted to make that awkward transition between being flat-chested beardless hipster children, and becoming a full-fledged, beer-bellied (the microbrews catch up–gluten free or not, bitch), heavily bearded, cigarette-slinging hipster men as awkward as possible; and hell if they can rest easy knowing the mission has been accomplished.

Why do hipsters have to ruin everything?


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