Mastermind Of The Paris Attacks Is Confirmed Dead

Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the alleged mastermind behind the Paris attacks was killed during the raid by French police where 5,000 munitions were fired on Wednesday.

On Thursday, the prosecutor’s office released a statement that confirmed the death of the Daesh operative and supposed ringleader of the Paris attacks. It was said Abaaoud’s body was found in an apartment building targeted in the raid.

The Paris prosecutor said that forensics teams identified the ISIS terrorist was by his fingerprints and skin samples collected at the scene in the suburb of Saint-Denis, just north of Paris.

Investigators were led to an apartment building after reviewing cellphone records and surveillance video indicating that Abbaoud, who was previously thought to be in Syria, was still in France, Prosecutor Francois Molins said.

Molins confirmed that a total of two people killed and eight people were arrested during the siege, including one woman and seven men.

Police say the cousin of Abaaoud was the other person who died in the raid, it is believed that she blew herself up with a suicide vest.

Abaaoud had a dual Belgian-Moroccan nationality, and may have had a network of terrorists in Morocco that helped him plan the attacks, the Telegraph reported.