Fairfax Mayor Arrested For Trying To Trade Meth For Sex To An Undercover Cop Has The Worst Luck On The Face Of The Earth

by 3 years ago

I always a lot of sympathy for when high-ranking political officials get in trouble for having a little fun on the side. They have very stressful jobs making sure that there is law and order everywhere they are in charge of. So what if they do a little meth with a hooker from time to time? Just blowing off some steam. Plus, they’re above us. If I find out that my governor did a little coke and accidentally crashed his car into a maternity ward, I wouldn’t go out and do the same thing. The governor makes the rules, so he can break them. It’s like being a parent. You teach your kids not swear, but you’re not going to stop swearing. It’s just not possible.

So my heart goes out a little bit to Mayor Silverthorne who tried to proposition a prostitute for sex with meth who also turned out to be a cop.

Via NBC Washington:

“The mayor of the City of Fairfax, Virginia, has been arrested after he allegedly gave methamphetamine to an undercover detective in exchange for a sexual encounter, Fairfax County police said. Richard “Scott” Silverthorne, 50, was arrested Thursday at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Tysons Corner.

Police in late July received a tip that the mayor was possibly providing meth in exchange for sex on a website used to arrange casual sexual encounters between men.cAn undercover detective created a profile on the website, and within a few days, Silverthorne made contact, according to police. The mayor allegedly told the detective he could provide meth “in exchange for sexual encounters,” according to police. The detective agreed to meet with Silverthorne, and Silverthorne agreed to bring other men to the engagement, police say.
On Thursday, Silverthorne brought the meth to the Chain Bridge Road hotel, police say. He was arrested and charged with felony distribution of methamphetamine and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.”

I guess the cops in Fairfax, Virginia have never seen A Few Good Men because they all just completely ignored the chain of command. It doesn’t matter who you catch doing what, you can’t just go ahead and go over their head. If you catch the mayor trying to get his balls waxed in exchange for a couple hits of meth, you go to the mayor to deal with the guilty party. If they happen to be the same person, tough shit. That’s the American political system. It works for a reason, don’t start thinking that you’re smart enough to change it.

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